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BOXIT Self Storage is sound, dry and safe storage space, which our customers have access to almost every day, all week long, 365 days a year. If the rent of the individual depository is to be for a shorter or longer period, it is up to the individual customer. We just want it to be easy and convenient. Therefore, we have short notice periods and no deposit. SELF STORAGE Self storage is a concept originating from the United States. It is a convenient, easy and cheap solution for both private and businesses who want extra space for storing their belongings. The concept is relatively new in Denmark but has quickly become popular and demand is still growing. Self storage deals in short to rent your own private storage space, in a size that is tailored to your needs. You can store almost anything. Your things are going to stand dry and safe, the humidity is low, and the room temperature is constant. Self storage areas are always well secured, with fencing, video surveillance and a personal key or code that gives you access to your stuff. The smart thing about self storage is that you have access to your stuff most of the day, you do not have to take into account staff or regular opening hours. You can come and go, pick up and bring as it suits you. You can choose to use self storage for a short period of time, for example. have to move, travel or redo and just need a place to store some things for a period of time, or you can make use of the self storage concept as a permanent solution to space shortage. At BOXIT you will find cheap prices for self storage as well as accessories for storage and moving.

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